Townview Big 'D' Band

The Townview Big ‘D’ Band draws from the musically and academically talented student body of Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Magnet Center in Dallas, Texas. The band, under the skillful direction of Dean Hill, has over 150 dedicated members who perform year-round and consistently receive top ratings in district and University Scholastic League (UIL) competitions.

The band has previously been featured at the Liberty Bowl Heritage Festival in Memphis, the All-American Bowl in San Antonio, the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, and the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. The Townview Big ‘D’ Band Fund of the Dallas Foundation was formed to support the educational and charitable purposes of the band and lift economic hurdles to participation in a district where over 80% of students are categorized as economically disadvantaged.

Specifically, the Townview Big ‘D’ Band is seeking funds for a number of programs of potential interest to the philanthropic community. The Musician Mentorship Program gives those who have established a degree of success in life a vehicle to enrich the lives of young people. The Jazz Revitalization Project seeks to promote and foster jazz interest and studies to young audiences throughout Dallas. The Leadership Education Program prepares our youth for a lifetime of community and public service. Finally, our young people are often our best ambassadors. Funds given under the Dallas Ambassador Program allow talented students of our community an opportunity to represent us in special events across our city, state, and nation.

For additional information on band programs of interest, contact the band hall at (972) 925-5918 or visit


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