Grantmaking Seminars

Interested in Applying for a Grant?

Attend The Dallas Foundation's Grantmaking Seminar for the information and tools you need to successfully complete a proposal.

Please note that this is not a grant writing workshop, but rather is intended to offer insight into The Dallas Foundation's grantmaking process.

Helen Holman, our chief philanthropy officer, leads these informative sessions. She will discuss The Dallas Foundation's grantmaking, incluing:


  • Decision-making process
  • Application tips
  • Proposal structure
  • Explanation of funds
  • Timeline
The Dallas Foundation has two competitive grant cycles each year:


Field of Interest – Beginning January 1, Letters of Inquiry (LOI) will be accepted via our online portal for grant requests from funds established by donors to benefit agencies serving a particular population such as low-income or disabled children, or agencies with a specific philanthropic interest such as the arts. LOI’s are due March 1st. We will invite selected organizations to submit full proposals, due in early April.

Community Impact – Letters of Inquiry for our Community Impact Fund, which supports a variety of causes, including social services, education, healthcare, and the arts, may be submitted beginning June 1st. LOI’s will be due August 1st. Selected organizations will be invited to submit full proposals, due in early October. 

The Dallas Foundation will not consider unsolicited full proposals for either competitive grant cycle.

2017 Grantmaking Seminar dates coming soon! 

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