Community Impact Fund

We award grants once each year from our general endowment, which also is known as our Community Impact Fund. The grants support a variety of causes, including social services, education, healthcare, and the arts. 

A letter of inquiry is due by August 1st of each year (or closest business day).  

Suggested Format for Letter of Inquiry

    Agencies seeking grants from the Community Impact Fund must first submit a letter of inquiry. These letters are due August 1. Letters can be sent via mail or email (, and will be acknowledged via email within 10 working days. Letters of Inquiry should be no more than two typed pages long and include the following information:
  • An introduction that includes the mission of the organization 
  • 1 paragraph that explains the agency’s history and work in the community 
  • 1-2 paragraphs that summarize the proposed project or program, including the segment of the community the project will serve 
  • 1 paragraph outlining the implementation timeline and process 
  • 1 paragraph outlining the desired outcome and the project’s benefits to the community 
  • 1 paragraph containing the amount requested, total budget for the project or program, and whether the grant is for a new project or to expand an existing project or program 

After reviewing the letters of inquiry, The Foundation will invite selected organizations to submit full proposals in early September. If we do not invite your agency to submit a full proposal, we will notify your agency in writing by mid-September. Please remember that we cannot fund most full proposals. All agencies that submit full proposals will be notified  of grant awards or declines in mid-December. The Dallas Foundation will not consider unsolicited full proposals.

Grant Restrictions

Community Impact funds are generally not available for:

  • Organizations that have received grants from Field of Interest or Community Impact funds from The Foundation within the preceding three years
  • Multi-year grants
  • Annual fund campaigns, underwriting of fundraising events, and marketing campaigns
  • Religious purposes (although we do support educational and social service programs offered by faith-based organizations)
  • Organizations located outside Dallas County, unless at least 50 percent of the clients served are residents of Dallas County
  • Debt retirement
  • Research
  • Endowments
  • Individuals

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