Professional Advisor sTORIES

Here are insights from professional advisors who have utilized The Dallas Foundation as part of their estate and gift planning options for clients:

  Colleen Bowler, Strategic Wealth Partners

Philanthropy is a topic Colleen happily discusses with her clients.“We try to get to what gives them joy, because that will create the habit of giving.”
   W. Bennett Cullum, Bell Nunnally & Martin LLP

"A fair number of clients are charitably inclined. At that point, it’s natural to bring up how community foundations, like The Dallas Foundation, can help them establish a charitable legacy." 
David R. Work

David R. Work, Merrill Lynch

“That's my role - to see the big picture. I want to make sure the client is getting the plan that is in the best interests of their family." 

Tom Neuhoff

Tom Neuhoff, Neuhoff, Bisignano & Harrison, L.L.P.

“I like being a mediator, a reconciler. I like to help people step back from the edge of the cliff and see the good in other people." 

David Rosenberg, Thompson & Knight

“The days of the large gift with no restrictions are almost gone. Today, writing a gift agreement is basically writing a contract." 

John D. Solana, CPA, Solana and Associates, P.C.

“Because The Dallas Foundation is a public charity, donors receive the maximum tax deduction available.” 

Dale R. Reed, Merrill Lynch Private Client Group

“For those who are philanthropic, there’s a good way to do it, and a much better way.” 

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