Professional Advisor sTORIES

Here are insights from professional advisors who have utilized The Dallas Foundation as part of their estate and gift planning options for clients:

  Kalita Blessing, Quest Capital Management, Inc.

“I send people to The Dallas Foundation when they’re looking for expertise about local issues that need to be solved.”
  Colleen Bowler, Strategic Wealth Partners

Philanthropy is a topic Colleen happily discusses with her clients.“We try to get to what gives them joy, because that will create the habit of giving.”
   W. Bennett Cullum, Bell Nunnally & Martin LLP

"A fair number of clients are charitably inclined. At that point, it’s natural to bring up how community foundations, like The Dallas Foundation, can help them establish a charitable legacy." 
David R. Work

David R. Work, Merrill Lynch

“That's my role - to see the big picture. I want to make sure the client is getting the plan that is in the best interests of their family." 

Tom Neuhoff

Tom Neuhoff, Neuhoff, Bisignano & Harrison, L.L.P.

“I like being a mediator, a reconciler. I like to help people step back from the edge of the cliff and see the good in other people." 

David Rosenberg, Thompson & Knight

“The days of the large gift with no restrictions are almost gone. Today, writing a gift agreement is basically writing a contract." 

John D. Solana, CPA, Solana and Associates, P.C.

“Because The Dallas Foundation is a public charity, donors receive the maximum tax deduction available.” 

Dale R. Reed, Merrill Lynch Private Client Group

“For those who are philanthropic, there’s a good way to do it, and a much better way.” 

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