Letot Center Capital Foundation Fund

The new Letot Girls’ Residential Treatment Center will be designed and developed specifically for invisible girls ages 13 to 17 to address their unique issues: extreme abuse, prostitution and abandonment.

Nationally unique, this highly structured, six to twelve month residential program will have the capacity to serve up to 96 girls at a time and serve as a model for addressing the complex issues of human trafficking and girls who run away from home.

The Letot Center Capital Foundation has undertaken a capital campaign to secure $8.7 million in private sector funds to construct the 55,000 square foot facility. On completion of construction, the facility will be turned over to Dallas County.

Key partners involved include the Dallas County Commissioners Court and the Dallas County Juvenile Department, which will provide the Girls’ Center’s estimated annual operating budget of $2.25 million and facility maintenance. The Dallas Women’s Foundation has announced a $1 million donation to the project.

Girls who have been exploited have experienced far too much ugliness, chaos and degradation in their young lives. While we cannot return their childhoods to them, we can give them a safe and caring place to rebuild their lives. We can give them help and hope for a better future. With Letot Center’s expanded program and the new Girls’ Residential Treatment Center, our community has enormous potential for transforming invisible girls.

Generous support of this project will empower our young victims and their families to live healthy and productive lives.

Please visit our website at www.letotgirlscenter.org

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