Urban Forestry Fund

In 2005 Dallas City Council established the Urban Forest Advisory Committee as a permanent part of city government.

The Committee’s goals are to advise city officials on best management practices for tree and forest related issues; educate citizens on the benefits of trees; conserve Dallas’ trees and forests; and re-shade Dallas by encouraging tree plantings.

Businesses, groups and individuals can contribute to the non profit fund in support of Dallas’ trees and urban forests. The funds support Committee projects such as tree planting, public information and education about trees, tree maintenance and an inventory of the urban forest.

The Urban Forest Advisory Committee is grateful for your consideration and generous support.

For more information visit: www.dallastrees.org.

Donations received are managed and disbursed solely by the Urban Forest Advisory Committee. 

To direct your financial support to one of the Committee’s Priority Projects, please write or e-mail Committee Chair, Robert Curry before or immediately after your donation info@DallasTrees.org This will ensure the Committee directs your support appropriately.


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