Explore Funds Types

The following funds may be supported with a gift during your lifetime or through your will.

Community Impact Fund

Community Impact Funds benefit the Dallas community at large in the areas of the arts, education, health and social services. Our Board of Governors awards grants from this fund during the fall grant cycle. Learn  more about grants from The Dallas Foundation's Community Impact Fund.

Advised funds

(also known as donor advised funds) are typically established by living donors who wish to be actively involved in philanthropy. Some donors set up advised funds and engage family members as their fund's advisors. Our donor advisors have the right to recommend gifts from the funds as often as they like. Sample Advised Fund Agreement

Designated or Agency Fund

Designated and agency funds benefit a specific agency or agencies. If a donor wants to set up the fund, it is called a designated fund. If the agency itself wants to place assets with us, either restricted for its endowment or unrestricted assets, it is called an agency fund. Either way, the fund provides support for the agency's operations. The Foundation also holds the "variance power," which allows it to redirect funds if, for example, the beneficiary agency goes out of business or ceases to serve its original purpose. This power protects the original donor's intentions. Sample Designated or Agency Fund Agreement

Field-of-Interest Fund

Field-of-interest funds benefit a defined area of charitable activity or a certain group of people. For example, we have a field-of-interest fund that benefits the arts in Dallas County, one that meets critical needs and another that focuses on older adults and aging. Sample Field of Interest Fund Agreement 

Scholarship Fund

Scholarship funds can be established by an individual, a corporation or a group of people, such as a civic club or trade association. These funds can supply financial support for students at any level of education, or fellowships for people who wish to further their professional development. The Foundation can provide a range of services to scholarship funds, including designing the scholarship criteria and application process and assembling a scholarship advisory committee. Sample Scholarship Fund Agreement

The Dallas Foundation versus a Private Foundation

Flexibility, simplicity and a reduction of stress are a few of the reasons a donor advised fund at The Dallas Foundation is advantageous over managing a private foundation. Not only can our staff take over the administration of the fund, they can guide you on the strategy and structure of your fund to match your philanthropic goals. Read more about the benefits of choosing The Dallas Foundation instead of establishing a private foundation. (pdf)

Click here to read just one example of how the use of The Dallas Foundation as a tool for philanthropic success enabled a donor to change more lives for the better:

Should you wish to discuss opening a fund with us or simply would like more information, please visit the contact us page.