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  • Dallas Foundation Community Impact Fund

    enables The Dallas Foundation to respond to changing community needs and emergencies, to support innovative solutions to community problems and to enhance the quality of community life. No restrictions are placed on how these funds can be used, leaving their most effective charitable application to the expertise and discretion of the Foundation's Board of Governors

  • The Dallas Foundation Relief Fund (October 2019 Tornado)

    helps address needs in the aftermath of a public emergency or other crisis event primarily within North Texas. Examples include but are not limited to weather calamities such as hurricanes, tornadoes or floods; industrial accidents; fire; chemical emergencies; public health crisis; public safety or acts of terrorism. The relief program may grant to first-response organizations if community needs dictate or address lingering community needs once emergency issues are addressed.

  • Good Works Under 40 Fund

    celebrates the volunteer efforts and achievements of Dallas citizens under age 40 - young in age, but wise in their investments of time, energy and creativity, and truly making a difference in the lives of North Texans

  • Companion Animal Funders Coalition Fund

    promotes the welfare of companion animals in the City of Dallas

  • Dallas Foundation Administrative Fund

    may be used for making online payments for certain events at the Foundation

  • The Accelerator Fund

    provides capacity building grants to help accelerate positive and transformational change within the nonprofit sector. These grants will provide support for nonprofit infrastructure needs, such as planning, collaboration, evaluation, research, infrastructure, shared services, mergers and/or technology.

  • Dallas Contributors Network Fund

    to support Dallas Contributors Network

  • Women's Philanthropy Institute Endowment Fund

    supports the endowment campaign to elevate WPI to the next level of impact and sustain the program for the long term.

  • Women's Philanthropy Institute Fund

    to support Women's Philanthropy Institute

  • ACTS Foundation

    to help the less fortunate in the United States and impoverished nations around the world

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