The Dallas Foundation's Community Impact Fund enables us to respond to changing community needs, support innovative solutions to community problems and enhance the quality of community life.

No restrictions are placed on how these funds can be used, leaving their most effective charitable application to the expertise and discretion of the Foundation's Board of Governors, who consider the community's most pressing needs and the information gleaned through our rigorous grant application process.

By investing in The Dallas Foundation Community Impact Fund, you join other forward-thinking individuals who know that an endowment dedicated in perpetuity to our community's well-being benefits everyone now and for generations to come.

Fund holders at The Dallas Foundation may support the Community Impact Fund through the Donor Portal. Donations to the Community Impact Fund are accepted online by clicking here.

Named endowment funds may also be created to support the Community Impact Fund in perpetuity.

"Today, I signed a gift agreement with The Dallas Foundation that designates how the charitable portion of my estate will be used after I take my final flight. A portion goes to the Louis B. and Mary Ratliff Endowed Fund for Critical Needs focusing on my passion for social service. The other portion will create a new endowed fund for parks, gardens, and beautification, which I believe to be healing to today's harried humanity. Through endowment, my few coins will work perpetually for organizations the foundation determines in each passing year.


I love the notion of giving back and knowing I can help paint a broad community canvas with artful yet efficient strokes. While my role is quite small, I, like all of us, should engage and be counted present in shaping a better community and world. It's fulfilling in a way that raw materialism could never match."

Robert Dotson, Dallas Foundation Donor and Legacy Society Member