The Dallas Foundation offers several investment plans in order to meet the unique philanthropic objectives of each donor.


Standard Investment Pools

Our money market pool and three investment pools consist of broadly diversified mixes of index funds. Each donor may recommend a change of investment pools at the beginning of any calendar quarter on three business days' notice. If a fund has an asset balance of more than $1 million, the donor may request a customized allocation. As with any investment, past performance does not guarantee comparable future returns.

American Funds, Merrill Lynch and UBS

The Dallas Foundation has cooperative arrangements with American Funds, Merrill Lynch, and UBS. Donors may recommend that fund assets be invested in one or more of these companies' mutual funds

Other Investments

Donors with fund balances of $1 million or more may recommend that their funds' assets be invested with an outside manager. All outside managers must be approved by the Foundation's Investment Committee and must agree to abide by the Foundation's investment policy.

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