Legacy Society

We are aware of the special debt of gratitude this Foundation owes to those donors who have demonstrated the ultimate level of trust by supporting our work through a bequest or planned gift. As a means of expressing that gratitude and to recognize their generosity across generations, we created The Dallas Foundation's Legacy Society in 2004.

The Legacy Society is a way for us to acknowledge our partnership with these special donors and honor their thoughtful gift planning. All those who notify us of an estate or other deferred gift to The Dallas Foundation are eligible to be members of the Legacy Society. Members will be invited to special events and briefings, and be recognized in Foundation publications, unless they wish to remain anonymous.

Our Legacy Society Members 

Anonymous (multiple donors)

June S. Hodges* William and Marsha Rickett

Jean Baptiste "Tad" Adoue, III

Sherry Hornsby Elizabeth T. Robinson*
 Sara and Gary Ahr

Jeanene and Ron Hulsey

 Robbie and Lynore Robinson, Jr.

William M. Alexander*

John F. Humphries, Jr.*
Jay and Bettye Rodgers

The Jaynne and Lane Allison Family Fund

Mary M. Jalonick
John W. and Lena Wells Rogers*

Peggy O. and Richard Allison

Roy M. Jenkins*
 Pauline Rose*

Ruby Barron*

Julie and Kregg Jodie
Clarence Sample*

Tom Beauchamp*

Ava Johnston*
Theodor Martin Friedhelm Schnitzler*

Joy F. Benson

Ben Johnson*
Mardie and Alan Schoellkopf

Jean and Bill Booziotis*

Mary Johnston*
Jan and Wilson Schoellkopf, Jr.
Helen Bouldin
Edmund and Louise Kahn*

Wilson Schoellkopf, Sr.*

Carole Braden and Vera LoCurto*

Keiffer Fund
George R. Schrader

Rachel Elise Branaman

Gary Kennedy and Michelle Valdez
Judy and David* Scott

Mrs. George Waverly Briggs*

Suzanne and Robert Kriscunas
Carole Semmer

 Edwy Rolfe Brown*

Marilyn and William* Lenox
E. G. Senter, Jr.*

Laura Jo Seim Brown

Betty Lingo*
Van and Brenda Sheets

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bruner*

Eugene M. Locke*
Elizabeth and Bart Showalter

Kenneth C. and Nancy* C. Cain

Eugene P. Locke*
Souad Shrime

Lisa A. Carlton

Herbert Marcus*
Holly and Sheldon Silk

Zetta T. Carter*

Blanche Mayer*
 Bruce and Muriel Simpson

John and Dorothy Castle

Emanuel Mayer*
E. Dick Slaughter*

Aubrey Costa*

Mrs. Isadore Mayer*
Rick and Bettye Slaven

Billy and Dodee Crockett

Robert Mayer*
Robert S. Sloan

Annette and Dave Davis

Sigmund Mayer*
Darwin and Myra Smith

G. B. Dealey*

Carol and Tracy McCutchin Fund
John and Nancy Solana

Paul W. Dietrich*

Carmen M. McMillan
Gay and William Solomon

Tony & Lillian Dona

Sue King McElvaney*
Ron and Phyllis Steinhart

Lula Ward Dorsey*

Fay Piper McIntire*
Annie L. Stevens*

Robert C. Dotson

Lucy C. McLaurin*
Peter Pauls Stewart*

Edith Lawlis Dulles

Robert J. Melvin
C. Albert Tatum, III

Cynthia K. Engles

May Thomas Miller*
Carl J. Thomsen*

Steven Engwall

Sanford C. Mitchell, Jr.*
Edward Titche*

Alina and Ruben Esquivel

Janet and John Mockovciak III
 Becky and Brad Todd

James B. Evans

Michelle D. Monse
Virginia Todd*

Holly Forsythe

Edward T. Moore*
John Sidney Trout*

Richard H. Gamble*

 Morris H. Morgan, Jr.* Barbara Van Pelt

Christine P. Gancarz

 Morynne Hopson Motley*  Michael R. Veale

Mary and Gary Garcia

M. J. Orleans*
 Lee and John Wacker*

Toni and Mike Garrett

Anna Osmond*
 Kathy and John Ward

Max Goettinger*

Jerry P. Owens* James D. Webb*

Robert C. Goodman

Robert B. Parks
 Janet J. Webb*

Ariail Fischer Gores

Lucile and George Pattullo*
 Jo Terrill West*

Joe and Susan Graham

 Patricia S. and Dan J.* Pickard  Adolphus B. White, Jr.* and William Hales, Jr.
 Frans H. Hammons* Timothy and Deborah Pullen

Ellen and J. McDonald Williams

 Michael and Nancy Hansen  Maurice and Diane Purnell, Jr.   Myra Nicol Williams, Ph.D.
  Harris Family* - 
Cora Blucher, Thomas A. and Bertye Mae Harris
 Louis B. Ratliff*  Kay and Peter* Winzenried
 Julian Henry*
 Dale and Barbara Reed Family Fund   Dorothy Ebie Wright*
Cynthia Hill and Cynthia Alley
 Jim Reis
 David H. Hitt, Sr.*  Dawna L. Richter  


Mrs. Isadore Mayer*
Herbert Marcus*
 Betty Lingo*
 Betty Lingo*
Ben Johnson*
Ava Johnston*

David H. Hitt, Sr.*
David H. Hitt, Sr.*
David H. Hitt, Sr.*
June S. Hodges*