Merrill Lynch and You 

Through a regional alliance, donors to The Dallas Foundation may establish a donor advised fund (DAF) while retaining a relationship with their current Merrill Lynch financial advisor.

A DAF is a charitable giving vehicle. An individual, family or corporation makes a tax-deductible donation to The Dallas Foundation and then recommends how the funds are distributed to qualified charities. The Dallas Foundation provides the donor with philanthropic support services, such as grant-making expertise and due diligence research on potential grantees. Donors and their Merrill Lynch advisors can make recommendations about how the DAF funds are invested.

Establishing a fund through this alliance allows donors to:

  • Enjoy many of the positive aspects of a private foundation without the accompanying administrative burden
  • Simplify charitable giving and tax reporting
  • Support numerous causes with one simple donation to the DAF
  • Support charities locally, nationally or internationally
  • Retain the flexibility of giving varying amounts or changing charities over time
  • Involve donor's spouse, children or associates in charitable giving
  • Give anonymous grants as desired
  •  Maintain a steady level of giving despite a fluctuating income level

For a more complete discussion of the program, please contact Gary Garcia or ask your Merrill Lynch financial advisor today.