As a couple, Janet and John Mockovciak enjoy banter and laughter. But when they talk about their charitable giving, they quickly turn serious and passionate. They've been fortunate in their careers and are committed to passing some of that good fortune on to others.

Together, they have invested time and given significant financial resources predominantly to education-related organizations in the Dallas area and Taos, New Mexico, two communities they care deeply about.  

The Mockovciaks credit The Dallas Foundation and its team of experts with helping them define, refine, and clarify their charitable giving goals over the years. John shared that the development of a "personal policy giving statement," which they learned about at a Foundation event, was one of the greatest things.   

"We found many opportunities through the Foundation to learn how to find our philanthropic passion and to be educated about the needs of the community," Janet said.

A former banker, Janet co-founded Dallas Afterschool, a nonprofit committed to increasing the quality and availability of after-school and summer programs.  The Dallas Foundation played a pivotal role in helping Dallas Afterschool transform from a startup in 2007 into a multimillion-dollar 501(c)(3) organization today. 

"The Dallas Foundation has been a leader among Texas foundations. It has helped change the conversation around a number of issues, especially early childhood education," she said.

John, a managing director of Baird's Family Wealth Group and a member of the Foundation's Advisory Council, has referred multiple clients interested in philanthropy to The Dallas Foundation. He is comfortable that his clients can benefit from the same positive experiences and expertise he and Janet have had. 

The Mockovciaks are confident in the Foundation's fiscal and philanthropic stewardship. So much so, in fact, that the couple has entrusted the Foundation with a bequest through their estate plan. As part of that process, they worked with The Dallas Foundation's leadership to develop a carefully written plan for the kind of programs and nonprofits they want their bequest to support. 

"They are phenomenal," John said. "Over the years, they have taken the time to truly get to know us and understand the things we care most about. They have been true partners on every level."

Impact your community today and tomorrow.

The Dallas Foundation can work with you and your advisors to develop a charitable giving plan that spans generations, making a powerful difference in the lives of your loved ones, your community, and future generations.

We can help you determine which planned giving vehicles will best fulfill your charitable goals:

  •  A gift in your will or living trust
  • Charitable remainder trust
  • Charitable lead trust
  • Life insurance
  • Retirement fund assets such as IRA
  • and 401(k) plans

If you would like to create a giving plan, or if you need to update your existing plans, we can help you get started. Contact us.