To retired Dallas businessman Peter Stewart, life is God's greatest gift. He is profoundly thankful for it. He has spent decades learning about the human impulse toward gratitude and providing opportunities for others to experience and express thankfulness. His vision created The Thanks-Giving Foundation and Thanks-Giving Square, a gathering place to encourage unity of people from all backgrounds, races and religions, a downtown park dedicated to thanksgiving and gratitude. His fondest wish is to develop a "World Day of Thanks-Giving" when many cultures and religions could celebrate gratitude together.

While Peter's volunteer, civic, business and real estate endeavors have positively shaped Dallas as we know it today, it is his legacy of gratitude that will extend well into the future because of his planned gift to The Dallas Foundation. His gift will establish a fund to support projects that inspire and promote the spirit of Thanks-giving. 

Peter chose The Dallas Foundation because of our reputation for fulfilling donors' intentions and our careful oversight of grants. He also knew he could designate advisors - in his case, his adult children - from the fund to help Foundation staff members select appropriate proposals for grants from the fund.

While Peter Stewart's interest in thankfulness may be unique, many families and individuals share his desire to give back, to do something good that spans generations. The Dallas Foundation can help you accomplish that goal. 

During production of this story, Peter Stewart passed away on January 10, 2018, at the age of 97. We offer condolences to his loved ones and are honored that he placed his trust in The Dallas Foundation to continue his legacy of gratitude and Thanks-giving.

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The Dallas Foundation can work with you to develop a charitable giving plan that spans generations, making a powerful difference in the lives of your loved ones, your community and future generations.

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Retirement fund assets such as IRA
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If you would like to create a giving plan, or if you need to make updates to your existing plans, we can help you get started.

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