Meet the Staff

The Dallas Foundation staff has extensive knowledge of and leadership in the community. We are here to assist you in achieving your philanthropic goals

Matthew Randazzo
President and CEO
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Mackenzie Causey
Donor Services Officer
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Gary W. Garcia
Senior Director of Development
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Tiffany Collins
Administrative Assistant
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Helen Holman
Chief Philanthropy Officer
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Claudia DeMoss
Community Funds Officer
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Lesley H. Martinelli
Senior Director
of Donor Services
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Lynsie Laughlin
Grants Officer
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Timothy J. Nealon
Chief Financial Officer
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Torrey Littleton
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Dawn N. Townsend
Director of Marketing
& Communications
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Kim Montez
Gift Development Officer
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Liz Vickers
Manager of Executive and Board Support
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Rod Riggins
Advisor Relations Officer
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Erik Beimler
Information Technology Officer
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Christi Saylors
Staff Accountant
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Savohna Brown
Staff Accountant
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Brittani Trusty
Program Officer
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Gwen Jackson Campbell
Administrative Assistant/
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