Community Funds

A Community Fund at The Dallas Foundation is a way for individuals or initiatives without their own tax-exempt status to implement new programs which align with the strategic priorities of the Foundation and have significant community benefits. The fund begins as a formal arrangement in which The Dallas Foundation serves as the fiscal sponsor.

Ideally, community funds that align with the Foundation’s strategic priorities will evolve and become a partner fund and potential grantee. Once a fund is poised to operate independently under it’s own 501(c)(3) charitable status, the Foundation can offer ongoing agency and endowment fund services.

To donate to one of the community funds hosted at The Dallas Foundation, click here.

Community Funds Hosted at The Dallas Foundation (PDF)

A Partner for Growth

When Bonton Farms began as a community fund of The Dallas Foundation in 2006, the organization was able to focus on its mission of providing opportunities for residents to prosper in every aspect of their lives while leveraging The Dallas Foundation’s brand and well-established commitment to fiduciary excellence. Daron Babcock, Chief Executive Officer of Bonton Farms and Drex Owusu, Chief Impact Officer at The Dallas Foundation recently sat down to discuss how Bonton Farms has reached the stage where it will now exist as an independent nonprofit organization.

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