Annual Report

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The Dallas Foundation is a venerable 85 years old, but as we’ve matured, we’ve developed a special concern for the very young.

In 2006, The Dallas Foundation’s Board of Governors designated early childhood education and welfare as a key priority.  Extensive research has convinced us that kids who are on the right path before they start school have the best chance of growing up to be healthy, productive, responsible, compassionate adults.  We wouldn’t stop supporting agencies that work in other fields, but we would increase the share of our funding that targets early childhood.  If we could fortify those early foundations for kids, they might never need social services as adults.

This annual report describes some of our investments into early childhood education and welfare.  We’ll also share a few startling facts – some breathtaking, some heartbreaking – that we’ve learned since we started this focus.  And we’ll show how Dallas Foundation grants in other areas improve the lives of older kids and adults – and even our four-footed friends. We’re here for all, and for good.

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