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Generation to Generation: How Strong Families Survive Challenging Times

The Dallas Foundation and C3 Financial Partners invite you to attend, Generation to Generation: How Strong Families Survive Challenging Times on May 4, 2022 featuring Tom Rogerson, President and CEO of GenLeg Co., Inc. Rogerson will discuss how resilient families can guide and steer their collective values from generation to generation, creating a lasting family legacy.

About C3 Financial Partners
C3 Financial Partners was founded to help clients preserve family wealth, business continuity, and philanthropy across generations; often utilizing life insurance as a planning tool. We have a strong commitment to coordinating with family members and their advisors, when appropriate. High-net-worth families and the businesses they own engage us in a complex and challenging multigenerational planning process.

About Tom Rogerson
As a recognized leader and pioneer in family governance throughout the world, Tom uses his “7 Steps to Healthy Family Governance” to assist families with communication, philanthropic vision, legacy planning, succession, and education. Tom incorporates these critical issues into a client’s comprehensive wealth management plan, not only helping to prepare the money for the family, but to also prepare the family for the money.

He brings more than three decades of experience to the wealth management industry where he has provided guidance and education to families, helping them transition significant capital, both tangible and intangible, from one generation to the next.

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