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Women’s Philanthropy Institute Lunch and Learn: Mental health with a focus on women and children

About our Speaker

Tegan Henke, MS, MFT, is the Senior Director of Program Implementation for Child and Family Policy at the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute (Meadows Institute). While at the Meadows Institute, she has played a key role in assessing mental health systems in communities across Texas. Tegan led the Meadows Institute’s 2019 assessment of Dallas County’s mental health service delivery systems for children, youth, and families, which identified the system’s strengths and challenges, and provided specific recommendations to support the continued development of the overall system. She is currently leading a project to support Dallas-area mental health providers in their efforts to improve the implementation of evidence-based practices and establish enhanced partnerships to best meet the needs of the community.

Prior to joining the Meadows Institute, Tegan held several key positions in the public mental health system, both as a therapist and as a policy and program implementation specialist. As a therapist, she wore many hats while working with children, youth, and adults experiencing serious mental health needs, including providing crisis intervention and follow-up services to children, youth and their families. This work allowed her to witness firsthand the challenges faced by both families and service providers as they strive to obtain and deliver, respectively, the highest quality services. As a result of this work, she shifted her focus to policy, in the hopes of improving the mental health system of care so those seeking services have access to high quality care when they need it. Tegan found her niche in system transformation efforts while working within the Texas Health and Human Services System where she led mental health system redesign efforts and facilitated statewide implementation of a behavioral health assessment tool and several evidence-based practices. Her experience providing direct service and implementing policy and programs set the foundation for her to understand and help address the unique challenges faced by local organizations when implementing change. Combined, these experiences continue to inform her approach to both mental health policy and her work in communities across Texas.

About the Mary M. Jalonick Women’s Philanthropy Institute

The mission of the Women’s Philanthropy Institute is to educate, inspire, and empower women to become confident and engaged donors at every stage of their philanthropic journey while connecting them with the needs of the community and the organizations addressing those needs.

To be a part of this dynamic group of women, annual membership is $150 per person. Additionally, each member agrees to contribute a minimum of $500 to the grant pool. Please consider becoming a WPI Pacesetter with a contribution of $10,000 or more to help ensure that we can continue to grant out as much as possible to our community. Our impact is based on your generosity, so we encourage you to consider a gift beyond the required minimum. In 2020, WPI members granted $150,000 to nonprofit organizations in the greater Dallas community, underscoring the power of collective giving.

You may make your grant contribution now, or anytime prior to December 1. Grant contributions can be made via the link below or recommended through your Dallas Foundation Donor Advised Fund. We look forward to another record breaking year!

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