Important 2022 Year-end Deadlines for Fundholders and Professional Advisors

As we look to year-end, please know that The Dallas Foundation stands ready to focus on your charitable goals and welcomes an opportunity to work with you to consider the many ways to create a meaningful impact with your philanthropy.

Our team can help you:

  • Make contributions to your fund*,
  • Work with your professional advisor,
  • Support an initiative of the Foundation, or
  • Recommend a year-end grant.

Please note the following deadlines:

Important 2022 year end dates for Dallas Foundation donors and their advisors.

*All check payments should be mailed directly to our banking institution:

The Dallas Foundation
Dept. # 42321
P.O. Box 650823
Dallas, TX 75265-0823

Please specify the fund to which the donation should be applied. Click here for detailed wire transfer instructions.

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