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The Dallas Foundation Opens Applications for Annual Pegasus Prize

Texas’ First Community Foundation Seeks This Year’s Recipient of its $50K Social Innovation Grant

DALLAS – Oct. 1, 2021 – The Dallas Foundation, the first community foundation in Texas, opens applications for the annual Pegasus Prize Friday, Oct. 1. Through the Pegasus Prize, The Dallas Foundation intends to recognize organizations applying new ways to solve ongoing problems for residents of Dallas County. Included with the prize is a $50,000 social innovation grant. Nonprofits, for-profit organizations with a charitable purpose, and hybrid organizations applying innovative approaches to addressing community needs, are eligible.

“Dallas is a community that’s ripe with creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit, and we know those characteristics extend to our social sector,” Matthew Randazzo, The Dallas Foundation President & CEO, says. “We’re excited to continue our successful track record of investing in solutions that are faster, cost-effective, data driven, and lead to better results for the residents of Dallas County.”

When considering applications for the 2021 Pegasus Prize, The Dallas Foundation seeks out bold, unique ways to address the most pressing needs in the community. The Foundation’s recognition of the annual recipient signals not only a financial investment in the organization but also an endorsement of the importance of its work.

In 2020, Impact Ventures was the recipient of the Pegasus Prize, which helped the nonprofit continue to build its capital model, which challenges traditional financial markets. The Dallas-based organization is dedicated to creating more diverse and inclusive ecosystems, not focusing on the credit score or collateral, but community organizing, relationship building and trust.

“I was seeing how capital flows and it wasn’t landing in the communities of people that look like me. And the folks that were writing the checks didn’t look like me,” Benjamin Vann, Impact Ventures CEO and Founder, says. “That started a series of questions about what’s driving these inequities and how do we change it. The Pegasus Prize really helped amplify our mission this past year and it was a big moment for the organization and really reinforced the impact we’re having in our community.”

To learn more about the Pegasus Prize and how to apply, visit The deadline for application is Friday, October 29.

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