The Dallas Foundation's Pegasus Prize supports a nonprofit working to address a pressing community need in an innovative way. 

The Pegasus Prize Committee selects the recipient of the $50,000 Prize. The Committee was originally formed in 2009 to award grants to nonprofits working to address pressing community needs in innovative ways. In 2015, the award was renamed the Pegasus Prize and will be given to only one organization annually. 

Bonton Farms, a small farm located in a South Dallas "food desert," was chosen by The Dallas Foundation to receive the 2016 Pegasus Prize. The $50,000 award will be directed to building the Bonton Farms Community Resource Center. The Center will provide a permanent space for the Farm's market as well as programming focused on helping people from the Bonton community restore their health and discover hope. The award was announced at The Dallas Foundation's spring Grantee Recognition event  in March 2016.  This year's Pegasus Prize will be announced in March.