Our Services 

We demonstrate community knowledge and expertise

  • The Dallas Foundation provides extensive knowledge about local charitable organizations and emerging community needs. We match your clients with the causes they care about.

We offer tailored educational and learning opportunities

We provide efficient and effective vehicles for giving

  • The Dallas Foundation provides many flexible ways for your clients to achieve their philanthropic goals, including the use of illiquid assets, while still offering the most favorable tax treatment.

We help connect generations

  • The Dallas Foundation is passionate about helping people establish and maintain a charitable-giving legacy that reflects their values for generations to come. Our Family Philanthropy Institute assists multigenerational families with customized education and planning programs.

We work to find business solutions

  • The Dallas Foundation can help develop a plan for business owners that includes your clients' charitable goals and provides a strategy for business transitions. Plans can include protected asset growth for children and significant tax savings, all while achieving charitable goals.

We encourage charitable giving for businesses

  • The Dallas Foundation works closely with you to help convert all or a portion of your client's business assets into charitable contributions.
  • Through our Giving for Good Card program, your clients or your business can enjoy charitable giving in a unique and thoughtful way. Giving for Good Cards work like retail gift cards, only the value is redeemed as a donation to the recipient's favorite charity. When you order a Giving for Good card, you are eligible for a charitable tax deduction for the full amount of your order. To purchase a card, click here.
  • Many businesses open corporate donor advised funds with The Dallas Foundation, giving the company and its employees a simple method for charitable giving.

We offer services to private foundations

  • The Dallas Foundation is legally classified as a publicly supported charity, but we share many features of a private foundation, particularly with our grant making expertise. We can help minimize or eliminate administrative burdens, meet annual distribution requirements, identify worthy grant recipients and also make grants anonymously. Learn more about services for private foundations.