Dan Hund Memorial to Stomp Out Cancer

The Dan Hund Memorial to Stomp Out Cancer is an annual March Madness Pool for anyone who wishes to support cancer research while honoring Dan, who passed away on April 21, 2020, after a long, tough battle with Adrenal Cancer at the age of 35.

Among his many passions, Dan was a shoe guy. He bought and sold hundreds of pairs over the years and continually impressed the staff at MD Anderson with new and colorful footwear. When his family sold his home, they found dozens of pairs neatly arranged in his closet, many never worn and in the original boxes.

His friends and family decided to use these shoes in a way to both reflect Dan’s passion for life, sports and fun while supporting cancer research. The winner each year will receive a pair from Dan’s shoe collection. The top two brackets each year receive a pair from Dan’s shoe collection. This year we’re playing for a pair of Nike Jordan 12 Retro’s for first place and a pair of Nike Air Max 97’s for 2nd place (both size 12, Dan’s shoe size!) While there is no standard minimum donation, the most common donations range from $25-50 per bracket. 100% of all proceeds will go to Adrenal and Rare Tumor Cancer research at MDA. Any costs will be funded by Dan’s family.

Besides credit card donations, which may be made using the link below, many other types of donations are accepted, including donor-advised fund grants, stock donations, and matching company donations. See instructions for how to make these types of donations here.

Donate by Credit Card
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