Since 1929, The Dallas Foundation has helped donors create charitable funds and leave philanthropic legacies that reflect the causes they cherish.

  • The Foundation provides donors with simple, effective tools to achieve their philanthropic goals
  • We serve as a permanent means to support the charitable causes our donors care about - now and forever
  • We support eligible nonprofits with grant opportunities to further their missions and make our community a better place to live
  • We organize and award scholarships to deserving students
  • We act as a resource for professional advisors to better serve their clients' needs
  • We are able to leverage our unique position to identify common interests and pool resources for initiatives and gift opportunities that have lasting, meaningful impact in our region.
  • Our team of dedicated, professional staff strives to educate the public on ways to enhance the community through available charitable-giving vehicles


"The Dallas Foundation has been absolutely amazing to work with. Not only are they thorough, diligent and flexible, but they listen and ensure Trinity River Mission's wishes are fulfilled when it comes to managing and distributing our scholarship funds to our students. The Dallas Foundation has brought the TRM staff and students and their families peace of mind."

Dolores Sosa Green
Chief Executive Officer
Trinity River Mission