Agency Endowment Funds 

Nonprofit board members realize the need to establish stable, predictable sources of income for the organizations they serve.

An agency or endowment fund can act as an income stabilizer. Like personal savings, a permanent fund for an organization can provide a reliable source of additional income each year. This permanent pool of assets generates income and grows over time.

Why would a nonprofit organization start a fund or place its endowment fund with The Dallas Foundation?

  • The Dallas Foundation allows your organization to focus on its mission and other priorities - your time to manage an endowment may not be cost-effective since administration costs of a single fund can be high.
  • The Dallas Foundation holds variance power over all its funds as a safeguard, which allows The Foundation to redirect funds if, for example, the beneficiary agency goes out of business or ceases to serve its original purpose. This power protects the original donor's intentions.
  • The Dallas Foundation serves as the guardian of the fund, protecting permanent assets from possible future Board neglect, shortsighted invasion, or improper use.
  • The Dallas Foundation can accept a wide variety of gift types, many of which can be complex in nature.
Download this helpful one-pager about Nonprofit Funds at The Dallas Foundation. To inquire about placing your nonprofit organization's endowment at The Dallas Foundation, please contact Gary W. Garcia, Senior Director of Philanthropic Partnerships, via email or by calling 214-741-9898.