Alliance Partners

The Dallas Foundation works with premier financial institutions to offer their clients access to our philanthropic services and expertise. 

Establishing a fund through the Alliance provides your clients:

  •  A team of expert advisors willing to listen and learn about the donor's wishes and intentions.

  • Assistance with developing and implementing charitable giving plans, both current giving and legacy giving.

  • Local expertise on social service trends and emerging community endeavors.

  • Guidance for the donor and their family on all philanthropic matters.

  • Opportunities to connect with peers and leverage philanthropic investments.

  • Customizable opportunities for networking and collaboration in pursuing philanthropic goals.

  • Research and recommendations on nonprofit organizations working in interest areas.

  • Site visits to local organizations and meetings with nonprofit leaders.

  • Ongoing education through panel discussions, seminars, donor events, and unique programs such as The Mary Jalonick Women's Philanthropy Institute and the Family Philanthropy Institute.

To learn more about donor advised funds, click here. For a more complete discussion of the program, please contact Gary Garcia or ask your financial advisor today.