Giving together, as a family, can be an uplifting, rewarding experience. But it also takes some planning.

Even the most philanthropically-inclined families have to think about when, to whom, how and how much to give. The Dallas Foundation's Family Philanthropy Institute can help your family navigate a path through all these issues. We provide services tailored to meet each family's specific needs, from multiple meetings with individual family members to large meetings with entire families and their professional advisors. We can offer guidance about which nonprofit agencies might best fit your philanthropic interest area and contact them on your behalf. How much help you want is up to you - and your family - to decide. 

We offer

  • Extensive knowledge of community needs and nonprofit agencies  
  • Trained staff to facilitate family meetings 
  • The ability to arrange family or group site visits or service projects 
  • Educational events to help families learn about issues and multi-generational giving 
  • Informal events that allow donors and their families to meet other philanthropic families 
  • Assistance establishing special funds, such as scholarship funds to honor a family member 
  • Help evaluating the effectiveness of your family's philanthropic investments 

For more information or to schedule a time to meet, please contact Kim Montez, Director of Gift Planning and Family Philanthropy, via email or  214.694.2525.