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We know that you want to make the greatest impact possible with your philanthropic gifts. When you establish a donor advised fund at The Dallas Foundation, you can support the same causes you do today and you can explore new opportunities alongside our team of philanthropic advisors. Whether you wish us to work with your advisors, facilitate family meetings, or discuss complex gifts, we partner with you one-on-one to help create efficient and meaningful giving plans.

Donor advised funds offer a simple, expertly managed, charitable giving solution that allows you to centralize all of your philanthropic activity through one fund. Gifts of cash, appreciated securities, closely held stock, real estate and other tangible property, may be used to establish a fund, achieving the maximum tax deduction in the year(s) of your gift. Your gifts are invested, based on your preferences, so they may grow. Once ready, you can recommend grants from your fund to eligible nonprofits anywhere in the U.S.

Whatever your passions are, partnering with The Dallas Foundation powers your philanthropy, bridging you to the causes you care about, to the needs facing our community, and to the tax-advantaged vehicles which amplify your charitable investment.

Donor Advised Funds

Catherine and Will Rose

“Our family has had a trusted relationship with The Dallas Foundation for generations, so we have experienced firsthand the high priority placed on relationships.

We chose to partner with the Foundation because of our desire to be part of a community of donors committed to making an impact and to making Dallas a better place for everyone who calls it home.”

Focus on the communities and causes you care about.

When you choose The Dallas Foundation, you can do so with the assurance that you are embarking on a fulfilling path to community impact.

Support your current philanthropy and additional giving options alongside our team of philanthropic advisors.

Leverage your philanthropic giving through opportunities to co-invest in meaningful solutions.

Enjoy timely, discreet, and accurate professional advice.

Experience flexibility and tax advantages which surpass those of a private foundation.

Perpetuate your philanthropic impact through legacy and planned giving options.

Access donor-centered educational opportunities and special events.

Establish a donor advised fund with as little as $10,000.

Start the conversation today.

For more information about opening an donor advised fund at The Dallas Foundation, Gary Garcia, Vice President of Philanthropic Partnerships.

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