Active Philanthropy, Without the Administrative Burden

When thinking about charitable giving options, you’ve likely considered establishing a donor advised fund (DAF) or a private foundation. Establishing a Supporting Organization at The Dallas Foundation offers a cost-effective and comprehensive solution for individuals and families with substantial philanthropic assets who are interested in establishing either a DAF, a private foundation, or who have an existing private foundation they no longer wish to manage.

Catalyze your charitable assets to make an immediate impact in the community today, focusing on the causes you care most about, while simultaneously encouraging a legacy of philanthropy for future generations.

One Philanthropic Partner, Multiple Benefits

There are many reasons to consider creating a Supporting Organization and doing so with The Dallas Foundation provides added benefits.

Donors and their designated representatives maintain full participation in grantmaking, operational, and investment decisions.

Supporting organizations offer autonomy, flexibility, and control.

They may choose to hire dedicated staff, including family members, and always have direct access to The Dallas Foundation’s team of philanthropic advisors.

Supporting organization have their own board of directors, bylaws, charitable status, grant priorities, and investment policies. And through its close connection to the Foundation, a supporting organization is conferred public charity status and receives all of the associated tax benefits.

Gifts to Supporting Organizations are eligible for income tax deductions of up to 50% of adjusted gross income (AGI). They are also eligible for unlimited gift and estate tax deductions.

Supporting Organizations have no annual distribution requirement and can provide an effective and flexible charitable entity for investing in private equity, real estate, and other nontraditional investments.

Supporting Organizations

Okada Family Foundation

“When our family decided to establish a foundation, we placed a priority on being strategic with our giving. We sought a partner who could not only manage the day to day operations of the foundation but also had the expertise to help us explore the many ways we can be effective grantmakers and make a lasting impact.”

-Mark and Pam Okada

Supporting Organizations of The Dallas Foundation

Individuals and families who have chosen to focus on the joy of giving and allow the Foundation to manage their charitable assets.

Empower Dallas

NexPoint Philanthropies Dallas, Inc.

Okada Family Foundation

The Reis-Bisor Foundation

The Suder Foundation

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For more information about Supporting Organizations, contact Gary Garcia, Vice President of Philanthropic Partnerships, or Angela Woodson, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives.

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