Frequently Asked Questions about Payment Processing at The Dallas Foundation

What does a complete payment request look like?

  1. Payment request submitted on new payment request form

    - All questions have been answered surrounding:

Fund Information
Vendor Information
Payment information or schedule
Expense Type
Does this relate to a special event?
Payment Method

- Appropriate authorization by authorized representative.
This must be a person different than the person being paid or submitting the request.

2. Appropriate supporting invoices / receipts / proofs of payments
3. A current W-9 form
If a current form has already been provided, please indicate as such on your payment request form.

What do you mean by "current W-9" form?
A W-9 form that has been signed and dated within the past year.  

I have questions about my vendor payment, who do I talk to? 
A member of our finance team is happy to help answer your question!  Please give us a call at 214-741-9898 to be directed to the appropriate team member.  

What is The Dallas Foundation's payment processing schedule?

  • Routine payment requests:  Requests must be submitted by Wednesday at 3 pm.  Checks and EFTs will be sent seven business days later on Fridays.  For example: Request submitted before 3 p.m. on Wed, 3/04 will be ready to mail or EFT processed on Fri, 3/13.
  • Recurring Payments: Payments for all recurring requests will be made the Friday before to the scheduled payment date.  For example, a payment due on 3/15 will be processed on 3/04 and paid Friday, 3/13.  
  • Holidays: During the holiday season, we will adjust this schedule accordingly and provide you with a holiday processing and payment schedule.